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Reach your right audience wherever they are

E-commerce shop and small business owners need to communicate the value of their offerings and reach their audiences in all device formats so they can attract more ideal customers online.

If you own an online store and are looking to increase your sales revenue, olipoly studio can help you gain your customers' trust via your website and present your information clearly on all devices that your customers are using.

Or if you're creative business owner wanting to connect with your potential clients, or perhaps you're a health or career coach looking to convert those visitors that clicked on your ad, the right website can help you look like the professional you are and communicate the quality of your services.

Communicating through the web takes more than words

You got to also show them.

You can even write good text about your business, but at the end of day your audience will judge you for;

  • ∙ your website's clear page structure and navigation

  • ∙ organized and concise blocks of information

  • ∙ professional-looking graphics

  • ∙ visual consistency

  • ∙ efficient code optimized for mobile and other devices

You got to inspire trust and make them buy.

It's about making it as simple as possible ( but not simpler )

A simple interface doesn't mean poor in information or features.

Say you own an online shop; that savvy customer that is already convinced they want your product and has serious buying intentions will most likely want to look for detailed information and conditions on your product page.

The key to efficient website design is how to present all the necessary amount and levels of information without looking all clustered.

Responsive Web Design Studio

Why a responsive website is the best choice for your business

With a responsive website, you will have one website version that will adjust to screen size, in all device formats from mobile to desktop.

The end result of a responsive design and development process will be one website version that will scale and rearrange the page elements according to screen size, instead of sending the visitors that come to your website address to mobile or desktop versions based on device identification.

A responsive website is better than a website with different versions for mobile and desktop for many reasons;

Consistency, better search ranks and website maintenance to name a few.


That is mainly what a responsive website is about.

Responsive Web Design

Not sure this is for you?

If you have a good understanding of your business and customers and you are conscious of the importance of good website design for you business success, then you will certainly benefit from olipoly studio services.

However, if you are not aware of the importance of a good website for promoting your brand, connecting with customers and increasing your sales and isn't willing to take it as priority discussing with your web designer about how your website can help with your business goals and challenges than you'd be wasting money and are not ready yet for investing in a top quality website .

How does it work?

There are details and best practice recommendations to be observed when designing and coding a responsive website, which we apply at olipoly studio when creating your website optimized for outstanding mobile and cross-devices experience.

The responsive design and development process at olipoly studio starts with understanding your business' needs and gathering all information required for your website.

We then build your site navigation map and a prototype with your website functionality and features.

Once all the information and placed and reviewed, we start working on your website's appearance.

This ensures that you don't end up with a website that only looks good on print.

After your website visual style is approved, we work on final adjustments, testing and bug fixing.

You'll then be invited to test your website yourself and only after you confirm everything is working properly your website will be transferred to your definitive host.

Web Design Studio

Ready to build a website that will attract your ideal customers?

Please reach out with some brief lines about your business and website project and we'll be glad to help you out with your needs.

Responsive Web Design and Development Services

Responsive Web Development Services that help attract more of the right customers to your business:

E-commerce Shop

E-commerce Shop

Sell your products online, reducing costs and maximizing customers reach.

Business Website

Business Website

Increase your business' credibility and promote your brand, products and services online with a professional website.

Landing Page Design

Landing Page Design

Attract potential customers and increase conversions with a well-designed landing page.

CMS Development

Dynamic Website

Easily update your blog or business website with a Content Management System.

Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance

Keep your website up and available for your audience with regular updates and ongoing maintenance.

Ready to build a website that will attract your ideal customers?

Please reach out with some brief lines about your business and website project and we'll be glad to help you out with your needs.